-noun [1]

Brand of a complete range of water-based disinfectants with broad spectrum bactericidal and virucidal properties, with specific products formulated for both environmental and personal use.

-verb [2]

To clean and disinfect environmental surfaces or hands, effectively eliminating harmful germs.

Personal Space

What is personal space to you?
A physical space to escape from the hustle and bustle of life?
An invisible bubble around you that you regard as psychologically yours?
An internal retreat while listening to your music on crowded public transport?

Who is sharing your personal space?
People value their personal space and feel discomfort when this space is encroached. Invisible “space invaders” like germs lurk in your personal space and could make you ill.
Reduce the negative impact of germs in your daily life with a GK Lifestyle. Adopt basic hygiene practices and proper cleaning habits around your immediate environment and keep your personal space germ-free, so it can be truly yours.

Protect Your Personal Space.


Each GK™ product features an exclusive water-based formula that caters to its specific usage. These formulations are extremely safe on all surfaces and are non-hazardous to end users.


GK™ uses blends of quaternary ammonium compounds (QUATS) as its main active ingredient. QUATS are highly effective, quick-acting germicidal agents that are non-toxic to humans or animals.

GK™ stands for “Germ Killer”, our No. 1 trusted disinfectant product previously branded under Mr McKenic®. GK™ is now a range of disinfectants with the same philosophy – to create a powerful disinfectant that is safe for our end users.

Technically speaking, a disinfectant with a 99.9% efficacy claim will reduce 1,000,000 micro-organisms to 1,000. GK™ products, certified up to 99.9999% efficacy, will reduce 1,000,000 micro-organisms to just 1.

This means GK™ does a far superior job in eliminating harmful micro-organisms and this is especially important in light of the fact that within eight hours, one bacterium on a damp cloth can multiply to six million*.