General Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of germs?

The term “germs” refers to the microscopic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa that can cause diseases.

Viruses need to be inside living cells to grow and reproduce. It can only live for a very short time outside other living cells. For example, viruses in infected body fluids left on surfaces like a countertop or toilet seat can live there, but will die unless a live host comes along so it is important to disinfect surfaces and wash your hands to avoid these viruses.

Bacteria are tiny, single-celled organisms that get nutrients from their environments. In some cases, that environment is your child or some other living being. Some bacteria are good for our bodies but bacteria can cause trouble too, as with cavities, urinary tract infections, ear infections, or strep throat. Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections but some bacteria, such as the methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) have developed abilities to withstand antibiotics, resulting in contagious and severe diseases which are also hard to treat. GK-Germkiller® – GK Surface™ is effective against various Bacteria including MRSA.

Fungi are multi-celled, plant-like organisms. They get nutrition from plants, food, and animals in damp, warm environments. Moulds are fungi which can be found everywhere with constant moisture is present, such as in bathrooms, or kitchens. It triggers irritations of the eyes, skin, nose, throat and lungs, even occasionally allergic reactions & asthma.

Protozoa, like bacteria, are one-cell organisms that love moisture and often spread diseases through water. Some protozoa cause intestinal infections that lead to diarrhea, nausea, and belly pain. Some are also encapsulated in cysts, which help them live outside the human body and in harsh environments for long periods of time.

What is the different between a Cleaner, Sanitiser & Disinfectant?

Cleaner is often soap and detergent whose primary function is to clean. It removes dirt, soils and impurities from surfaces. Cleaning does not necessarily kill bacteria, viruses, fungi or “germs”, but they physically remove them by washing them off your hands or surfaces.

Sanitiser is a substance, or mixture of substances, that reduces the bacteria population in the inanimate environment by significant numbers, but does not destroy or eliminate all bacteria.

Disinfectant is a substance or mixture of substances, that destroys or irreversibly inactivates bacteria, fungi, and viruses, but not necessarily bacterial spores, in the inanimate environment.

As for efficacy testing, sanitisers require at least 3 log bacterial load reduction and disinfectants require at least 6 log bacterial load reduction.

EPA, 40 CFR 158.2203

How to we reduce the spread of germs?

Practising proper hand hygiene is one of the simplest but most effective ways to reduce the spread of viruses and harmful bacteria, as most infectious diseases can be transmitted through touch. Washing our hands regularly greatly reduces the amount of germs infecting our body systems. Staying at home when we are unwell and covering our mouths when coughing/sneezing will help us prevent the spread of germs we release into our surroundings.

To keep our surroundings clean and germ-free, the use of disinfectants is recommended to remove lingering germs from our surroundings.

Ministry of Health Malaysia, Policies & Procedures on Infection and Prevention and Control
Ministry of Health Singapore, Infection Prevention Guidelines
Hospital Sungai Buloh, Prevent Spread of Germs Resistant to Antibiotics

Why are children more vulnerable to germs & viruses?

Children are in a dynamic state of growth with cells multiplying fast and organ systems developing at a rapid rate.
• Children breathe more air and consume more food and water in proportion to their weight.
• Their central nervous system, immune, digestive and reproductive systems are more vulnerable than those of adults. Exposure to certain environmental toxins can lead to irreversible damage, and to diseases during adulthood.
• Children are more exposed to unhealthy conditions and to dangerous substances because they live their lives closer to the ground and, especially in the early years, they are frequently exposed through hand-to-mouth activities.

WHO, Healthy Environments for Children Alliance

Are all cleaning, sanitising or disinfecting products safe for use?

Definitely not. The American Poison Control Center reports that household cleaners and disinfectants are common causes of poisoning in both adults and children. There is therefore a serious need to better understand the ingredients in the products we use to clean, sanitise or disinfect the areas surrounding our families and children. Always study the labels and instructions well before using any product. The GK-GermKiller® disinfectants, however, have been tested for its acute toxicity, irritation, and sensitisation based on OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals, Section 4 Health Effects and was deemed safe when the directions for use are followed.

Order & Payment Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place my order?

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Are GK-GermKiller® products available in other platform?

Yes. GK products are conveniently accessible in a number of retailers and pharmacies, as well as online! Find it here for the nearest location. Alternatively, you can purchase on our website, Shopee & Lazada.

What are the payments methods available?

We accept all major Credit and Debit Cards via iPay88 upon checkout. Alternatively, you may complete the transaction with Local Bank Online Banking or eWallet such as Boost, GrabPay, MAE by maybank2u, MCash, NETS Pay or Touch’nGo eWallet

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Can I pickup the product in a store?

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Can you update me whenever you run promotions?

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I want to amend my order. How can I make the changes?

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How long will it take for my order to reach me?

We will process new orders on the next working day and the parcels will be packed for courier pick-up within the same day. Based on local delivery trends, parcels will take 1-3 days to be delivered within West Malaysia, 7-14 days to be delivered within East Malaysia.

What happened if I have a change of mind after receiving the order?

If you have a change of mind and the product is still in its original saleable condition, kindly inform us within 3 days upon receipt of your items. A collection fee may be applicable, customers have to bear all shipping costs to return the item/s in good condition before a refund is possible.

One of the items is wrongly delivered, how can I get my correct order?

If a wrong item is delivered, please inform us within 3 days of goods receipt. We will arrange for the exchange to take back the wrong item for the correct item you have ordered. However, if the returned item is used or damaged, we reserve the rights to reject the exchange request.

I have received a defective product, what can I do?

If your product is damaged/defective, please inform us within 3 days of goods receipt and provide supporting documents (invoice number, photo of the defect and a brief description of the issue). Upon verifying that it is a manufacturing defect, we will arrange for an exchange.

How do I cancel the order?

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How do I check for the status of my order?

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How can I return the goods?

For all return requests, please email us at or call us at +6017-3188 612 to schedule a pickup of your items. Please ensure the items are packed in a protective box and attach with an Airway Bill before handing it to the courier. A refund may not be possible if the item is damaged during the return delivery.

Products Related Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products effective against COVID-19?

Yes, we are! GK Surface™, GK Air™ and GK Concentrate™ have been scientifically proven to be more than 99.9% effective in inactivating the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

ThUS EPA Product Performance Test Guideline OCSPP 810.2200 prescribes that virucidal claims should meet the performance standard associated with the method at ≤10 minutes of contact with the subject virus. Vance Chemicals subjected our products for testing against an actual SARS-Cov-2 strain identified as “Isolate USA-WA1/2020”. The “Isolate USA-WA1/2020” strain was isolated from an oropharyngeal swab of a COVID-19 patient in the USA. To ensure the testing adhered to internationally-accepted protocols, the US EPA product performance test guideline ASTM E1053 (2) – Standard Practice to Assess Virucidal Activity of Chemicals Intended for Disinfection of Inanimate, Nonporous Environmental Surfaces, was implemented by a certified US laboratory.

The result: All 3 products, GK Surface™, GK Air™ and GK Concentrate™ demonstrate efficacy based on the US EPA passing criteria requirement of at least 3 log10 reduction of SARS-Cov-2. Our flagship product, GK Surface™ recorded shortest possible time limit of 1 minute to achieve >99.9% inactivation under this internationally-accepted benchmark test.

Do your products leave a self-disinfecting coating?

The key ingredient used in the GK-GermKiller® disinfectants (Quats) leaves a film of antimicrobial protection after use. GK-GermKiller® disinfectants are stable in the environment and able to kill virus quickly once on contact which would prevent virus spread via contaminated surfaces even if the virus is repetitively deposited onto the surface as tested based on ASTM E1053 Standard Practice to Assess Virucidal Activity of Chemicals Intended for Disinfection of Inanimate, Nonporous Environmental Surfaces. However, we do not call our product a self-disinfecting coating as it is not a dry film and it is hard to predict the period of protection if the environmental factors are not constant.

According to NEA’s Technical Guidance on the Testing of Self-Disinfecting Surface Coatings against SARS-CoV-2, many products do not come with robust scientific evidence for their claims, due to the lack of a standard in the market for these “new breed” of products. Therefore, we consider most of such claims to be marketing gimmicks, misleading consumers to believe that a one-time application of the coating is sufficient to protect surfaces from being tainted by viruses or bacteria for along period of time even with unpredictable environmental factors like temperature, humidity, dirt and frequency of touch. In fine print, self-disinfecting coating manufacturers actually state that coated surfaces still has to be cleaned daily. And according to NEA, they have not received any data to support claims of long-lasting effect of surface coats against coronaviruses as stated in the Interim List of Household Products and Active Ingredients for Surface Disinfection of the COVID-19 Virus.

What is so special about GK products compare to other disinfectants?

There are hundreds and hundreds of disinfectants across the world and some would probably have the same active ingredient as ours. But what makes GK-GermKiller® Products so special is how it was formulated with integrity. It was developed by experienced people with families who aimed to produce something would effectively protect their loved ones without the harsh ingredients that can harm them.

GK-GermKiller® Products are water-based disinfectants which are tested in the best labs to assure that we can stand to what we claim. It is manufactured in Singapore where best industry practice is promoted so you can count on that this is the best choice for your family.

Are your products safe to skin? Can people with sensitive skin use them?

GK-GermKiller® GK Hand Sanitiser is meant to sanitise the skin. It is neither a skin and eye irritant nor a skin sensitiser. The other GK-GermKiller® products meant for the surface are mainly water-based with a pH value of 7 (neutral) and with proper usage according to directions on the label, people with sensitive skin can use the products worry-free. They are formulated to be suitable for frequent use. To assure safety for our users, we have sent our products to an accredited lab to test for Acute Dermal Toxicity, Dermal Irritation and Corrosion, and Skin Sensitisation based on the OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals for Health Effects.

Based on our track records in supplying to the childcare centres, hospitals and consumers, including pet-owners, GK-GermKiller® products can be used in the presence of young children, elderly and even pets!

Can I use GK Air™ like a normal air freshener?

Yes, you can. Unlike most air fresheners, GK Air™ eliminates odour-causing bacteria, instead of masking the smells with strong fragrances. You will get fresh air almost instantly!

Can I use GK Surface™ Wipes like normal wet wipes?

Yes, you can use GK Surface™ Wipes to clean and disinfect surfaces.

Can GK Concentrate™ be used to wash baby clothing?

GK Concentrate™ is a pH-neutral product that can be used on all materials as per instructed on the labels, including fabrics. When used to sanitise infant clothing, you only require 1 capful to the laundry load and soak for 10 mins before rinsing and drying. So, to answer your question, yes, it is okay to wash infant clothing and it is unlikely to affect the infant’s gentle skin.

Can GK Hand Sanitiser™ effective against the SARS-COV-2 virus?

Firstly, as we did not send our Hand Sanitiser to test against the Covid-19 virus, we are not able to make the claim. The reason why we did not send Hand Sanitiser for the testing is not that it is not effective, it is simply not practical.

Our hands are constantly in contact with multiple surfaces and it is also not practical to rely on hand sanitisers to eliminate germs on our hands.

The best prevention is to wash our hands regularly with soap and practice good personal hygiene. The use of hand sanitisers is considered as additional step of prevention against spreading the germs.

On this note, we want to encourage more hand-washing than hand-sanitising.

Hand Sanitisers are regulated under the Medical Act in Singapore. Under this Act, we are not allowed to make claims on the specific bacteria or virus strains on the labels. With the costs & duration of the testing in consideration, we decided to skip this test for now.

According to NEA’s list of recommended household disinfectants to prevent spread of coronaviruses, the active ingredient in our Hand Sanitiser meets the minimum criteria set. We can infer from there that it is effective.